From an early age Bobby Bloomfield was obsessed with manipulating sound. Whether chopping and splicing cassette tapes into surreal audio montages as a lad, or having an obsession in his ambient teenage years putting anything he could find that makes noise through ancient reverb units. At school he was always the one in bands to insist on making weird sounds rather than covering Metallica, much to his bandmate's chagrin. Now he's all grown up, he finds himself as a full time sound manipulator with the same boyish excitement.

"I recently found myself playing tape loops through an amp gaffer taped to a vacuum cleaner with a plastic cup sitting on the nozzle, miking that and sending the signal back through the tape loop. The effect was actually pretty cool, a kind of plastic cup echo hoover unit."

These days Bobby is best known as a producer, a DJ and for his work in the standout electro-rock outfit Does It Offend You, Yeah? co-writing two acclaimed albums and performing at every major world festival. As well as his DIOYY moniker he has produced several bands and has done official remixes under his own name for the likes of 50 Cent and Linkin Park. The latter being so impressed that they gave his band the main support slot on their huge 2011 North American tour. This was immediately after the Prodigy asked them to join them on a tour of Australasia

Having producing a mix for Kissy Sell Out on Radio 1 and deejaying as far and wide as Shanghai, Chicago and Sydney, he has cut his deejay teeth alongside the likes of Steve Aoki, Peaches and 2ManyDjs. His electro heavy sets can sometimes joyfully wander into classic hip hop, drum and bass, indie and dubstep and will often feature the odd curve ball.

"I love dropping something totally out of place that people can't help but dance to; I love that look of confusion when ravers have to work out if liking Gary Glitter's 'Wanna Be In My Gang' is ok!"