Mixing since 1999 and with a huge range of musical tastes, C Randall is forever searching for that sound that takes you to a captivating place. Starting off playing UK and US Garage, then moving on to Hip-Hop, Drum and Bass, Funk, Soul and Disco, he eventually began to focus more on House, Deep and Tech towards the end of his studies in Southampton.

He purchases anything with a groove, whether he’s checking out tunes online, delving through vinyls in record and charity shops or receiving promos. His DJ sets have a lot of calibre and admirable adaptability allows C Randall to perfectly place his track selections, to fit the needs of the crowd and the event.


As a child he learnt guitar, bass, drums and keyboard, which laid the foundations for his ability to be a member of several Rock bands in his early teens. Writing and performing music from an early age and releasing his first record in 2007 (under another alias), has provided his productions with enough flavour to fill a cook book. He is constantly pushing to create new and original sounds, however and wherever he can: sampling his nephew’s heart beat via an in-womb heart monitor for the rhythmic section of ‘Que Pasa (C Randall’s Baby Gwen Mix)’ and recording live saxophone in his studio for ‘One Take Sax’

Originating from Hemel Hempstead (UK), just north of London, C Randall has now moved and set up his studio in Innsbruck, Austria. Living in the magnificent mountains allows his creative flare to gain a diverse and powerful punch.

As well as running his own label Randall Records, he has hosted and promoted club nights in London venues, such as Ministry of Sound, Pacha, EGG Club, Vibe Bar and Fluid. DJing across the UK, in Europe and Australia has placed him alongside Greg Wilson, Groove Armada, Nic Fanciulli, Eric Prydz, Todd Edwards, Seth Troxler plus many more. He has also had guest appearances on Jacks House and Deep Vibes radio, reaching out to tens of thousands of dance music lovers around the globe.

2013 has seen C Randall finish his remix of Carl Cox and Jon Rundell‘s Twisted Machine.A follow-up to this was his JAMBO JAMBO EP, where he documented his time musically on a trip in Kenya. With the assistance of video and audio recordings, this EP uniquely projects his feelings, emotions and inspirations experienced en route.

C Randall brings London’s underground House scene to Innsbruck and projects it worldwide with his productions, mixes and live sets.


website: http://www.randallrecords.co.uk

twitter: http://twitter.com/CRandallMusic