In 2005 COCO started collecting records and presenting his music as a DJ in the Afro-Cosmic Music Scene. Within a short period of time he succeded in booking many gigs with the major names in this scene. With his never ending interest in the most different genres of music DJ RIO of yore decided to find his own approach to music.

From now on he has shown own musical creativity within a span from 90 to 130 Bpm. Since about 2 years COCO has been a resident in popular Jimmy’s Bar in Innsbruck and he seems to be at his best when he can play his mix composed of the most different styles of music. In the last few months COCO has successfully performed in different trendy locations in Innsbruck such as "Tante Emma", "Project", "Club Aftershave", "Sixty Twenty" and "Wolke 7“.

"FM4 Unlimited“ played COCO’s latest mix for half an hour in its daily cult-radio-show and presented him as a finalist of the Austrian Burn DJ contest.