Many moons ago in a sleepy village in Devon, England there was a young man on a quest for a musical adventure. One day he stumbled upon a pair of 1210’s and a half chewed crate of somebody else’s vinyl and began work on mastering the fine art of beat matching/mixing and then soon after, beat selection.

Years past while the YOUNG Apprentice Dj battled to get to grips with the challenges put before him often questioning decisions of BPM, volume and style. The Shepherd of Groove, who by then was starting to feel at home with the humble 1210’s started being invited to make people wiggle n giggle with his shizzle at parties, bars, clubs and festivals.


Realizing that there was more to partying than Djing at someone’s else’s parties, he decided to promote his own and before you knew it was running his own house, DnB and hip hop nights in Devon and London. For over 8 years the Shepherd worked with some of the industry's best venues and artists, plus was made head honcho for the UK ITF from 2004 – 2006.

Whilst riding his chariot through this magical musical adventure, he was lucky enough to be kindly introduced to the whole new world of production & Tour management where he would work alongside the like’s of Does it offend you yeah? and Aphex Twin to name a few.

Later came band management and the first band under his wing, Jackson Caged, are moving up nicely in the ranks of the rock world.

Now gone full circle and for the past year or so he has been blessed with new bookings in and around Europe bringing the GrooveShepherd back to life and thus continuing to play his up beat driving Electro sets to many more happy people.