Rev. Rumble is from Innsbruck, Austria. After starting a short unsuccessful carreer as a punk rock guitarrist he made his first efforts in djing in the late 90s, playing different kinds of electronic and rock music on cheap equipment together with his friends in his flat. The first partys, where Rumble was spinning his stuff, took place in the workstation, a now legendary basement in Innsbruck.

Over the years he played various styles: from Drum and Bass to breakcore and gabber, from idm to techno and house. Buying his first dubstep vinyls in 2006, he rediscovered his love for big basses and polyrhythmic excursions.
Years went by and so did all different kinds of trends. Rev. Rumble is still out there, still searching for the deepness and the soul of music. Without these ingredients no real energy can be genered.

So we think you understand, Rev. Rumble is definately not a tool dj. If you don`t like it monotonous, perhaps this guy is the real deal for you. By the way if you are not into techno, perhaps Rumble is in a mood to blow your mind with a reggae, hiphop or even psychedelic rock set.